Simply catching up...

You may have long already seen these, but I thought it was about time I updated the blog to include a few snaps of the final product of my collaborative creations at the Fluoresce residency at NGV Studio.

I had such an amazing time and felt very privileged to be part of it, big thanks to Michelle and Rowena! I really excited about the prospect of more collaborations in the future, including some more focused on creating special retail collections. Stay tuned!

Simply yours,


Doreen said...

Lovely work...was delighted to read your comments in the SMH as well today...have joined pinterest..but still a little confused.

Simply Phoebe said...

Thanks Doreen.

Haha, I was kind of hoping the SMH article would slip under the radar. Feels very strange being the one quoted instead of organising it for others.

I am sure you will get the hang of Pinterest. I will look you up and start following you. Just be careful - it can be very addictive!

x Phoebe