Simply snaps... of work in progress at Fluoresce

Wow, another few weeks have flown by in a flash. As you might know, I've been spending a little time with an amazing bunch of artists involved in the Fluoresce residency at NGV Studio. It's been such a buzz to work with these ladies and a real treat to give myself some total freedom to explore new ideas with my neckpieces. Not to mention the amazing opportunity of working with Frankie & Swiss custom printed fabric featuring original artworks created in the studio. I'm endlessly inspired and hope to be able to work on some other collaborations soon.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is our last day in the studio, finishing with a little closing party in the evening from 6 - 8. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet and are interested, please drop by. I'll be in the studio for most of the day, madly finishing as many pieces as possible. 

For those afar, or unable to make it, here's a quick overview of some of my happy snaps taken via Instagram during my time in the studio. For some (much more professional) snaps of everyone's work, please visit the Fluoresce blog and NGV's album on their Facebook page





Simply yours,


B said...

mmm I want that coloured stack so bad...! Are you keeping it for yourself phoebe?

Simply Phoebe said...

Hey B, not sure what will happen with the pieces created for the residency at this stage, but it looks like we will continue the collaboration to create a collection for a few special stockists. Stay tuned!