Simply arty... collaboration at Fluoresce Studio

Rowena Martinich in action, painting a mural in North Melbourne.

Here's a piece of news I've been busting to share for a little while. This month, I am completely chuffed to be involved with a pretty exciting project called Fluoresce at NGV Studio.

Fluoresce Studio is a collective of local female artistsEddy Carroll, Michelle Francis, Nien-San Lee, Rowena Martinich, Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor, Tania Schultz, Rosa Tato and Yandell WaltonThese mighty talented and all-round lovely ladies work across a range of media including adhesive murals, craft-based processes, painting and projection, but they are united by a love of bright colours.

The residency is being curated by Rowena Martinich, pictured in action at the top of this post, whose bright eye-catching work you may well recognise from walls, buildings, shop fronts and other public spaces around Melbourne.

Eddy Carroll materials and work in progress. Image via the Fluoresce Studio blog.

My involvement is via Michelle Francis, who runs Frankie & Swiss, a boutique textile printing outfit based here in Melbourne that custom print designs onto natural fibre cloth using water-based inks.  

During the residency, Michelle will be digitally transforming some of the created by Fluoresce Studio into a textile format. Michelle invited me to join her in the sewing corner of the studio to fashion the fabric by hand into new forms and objects, including a few of my signature neckpieces This is pretty much a dream project for me!

Rowena Martinich work in progress. Image via the Fluoresce Studio blog.

I feel absolutely honoured to be working with Michelle and the other artists involved and cannot wait to get started. I'll be in and out of the studio over the course of the next few weeks. If you're in town, please pop in and say hello. I'll try and let you know ahead of time when I am going to be around, either here on the blog or via Simply Phoebe on twitter and facebookFor those afar, I'll be sure to share lots of snaps of work in progress and the final results.

You can also follow the the Fluoresce blog, and on Twitter via  #ngvstudio, @ngv_melbourne and @rowenamartinich

Simply yours,

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Fourth Daughter said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE that first shot... I think I might have to remember that for decorating my house (when I finally find one). I'll try to drop in to have a look at what's happening!