Simply spruiking... markets this weekend & Noel Miller art sale

 Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

Well, Markit @ Fed Square on the weekend was a great success. Thanks to all those familiar faces who dropped by and hello to any of the new friends I met for the first time. It was so busy I hardly got a chance to look around the other stalls, although I think that is probably for the best for my bank balance.

I'll be back at it again this weekend at not one, but two markets. No, I haven't cloned myself, although that would be quite handy at the moment. I will only be at one in person - the Melbourne Design Market in the carpark at Federation Square. The second one is Finders Keepers in Sydney, where a few new Simply Phoebe pieces will be for sale at the gaffa stall. See below for all the important details.

In other news, you may have already seen me spruiking this about the place on twitter and facebook, but the Finders Keepers posted a little feature on my creative space last week. I've included a few of my favourite pics in this post. Head over here to the Finders Keepers blog for the full interview and lots more lovely pics by Mishy Lane.

  Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

  Miss Camille stealing the show, as usual
Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

  Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

  Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

  Image by Mishy Lane for the Finders Keepers blog

Also, if you visited me at Markit, you may have seen I was selling some prints of original artwork by Noel Miller, my clever and talented Dad. I wanted to let you know that he is having a super special sale in the lead up to Christmas (including some of my all time favourites of his charcoals, such as the one pictured below featuring spotty and stripey umbrellas). Check out the sale here. You can buy pieces directly online or contact him to arrange direct debit payment or special delivery options (Brisbane people can arrange free pickup).

Black and White Umbrellas 
Original charcoal artwork by Noel Miller
$500 (normally $800+!) available to purchase here

Simply yours,

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Joanna Ford said...

Great to see you and your stall at the Melbourne Design Market Phoebe - some really gorgeous items on display, as there was across the whole market. It was really well done, full of some great interior design ideas, inspiration, and gifts!