Simply unveiling... my new look!

Hi friends.  I've been pretty quiet lately, but I have lots of good reasons, I really do.

Reason #1: As mentioned in my last post, I went away on an amazing holiday to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It was so, so great. So much so that it really deserves its own dedicated blog post including gratuitous instagram photos of doors, painted toenails sunbaking, and food.  I will endeavour to deliver.

Reason #2: Post holiday, I am now officially, fully, not-even-joking, self-employed. In addition to my life as Simply Phoebe, I'm now also spruiking the talents, work and news of others as a freelance publicist.  Getting another new business going has been time consuming, but definitely worth it. I am particularly excited about the work I am doing with Tribe Katalyst, but more on that later too.

Reason #3: I've been holding out a little as I worked with the amazing Tess McCabe on a new look for Simply Phoebe, which I am now delighted to unveil... ta daaaa! 

It was a pleasure to work with Tess, who offered the perfect mix of taking my brief and interpreting it, whilst also offering some other ideas and suggestions.  I'm particularly thrilled with the way she was able to work in imagery from charcoals by Noel Miller (my Dad), which I use as mannequins for displaying my neckpieces.  

Here's a few more snaps showing how the new look has been applied to new business cards...

... and on the swing tags....

Huge thanks to Tess for her hard work and patience and to my dear Dad for letting me use his beautiful images. 

Before I go, on another Tess-related note, this multi-tasking creative lady extraordinaire is about to release the CWC book, Conversations with Creative Women.  It really deserves a whole spruik of its own, but in the meantime, you should know that it is now available for pre-order - check it out and get in quick! 

Simply yours,


Michelle said...

It all looks really great and congrats for taking the leap into full self employment!

Simply Phoebe said...

Thanks Michelle! Hope you're well and that Sow n Sow is going great guns. Christmas coming up - I am sure that will be keeping you busy with prepping stock!

belinda marshall said...

love the new look! and congrats on your full time thing. it sounds like you have some exciting things happening :)

Michelle said...

Oh, that Tess is a talented one!! Love the new look:)

indie said...

Love em! have to finger them through soon.
when's your next market? catch u later :)

Simply Phoebe said...

Hi Indie,
My next confirmed market is MARKit at Fed Square in Melbourne, on 27 November. Also hoping to confirm another couple in December, but in Melbourne only at this stage.

Sarah said...

So glad you made the leap to freelance! The corporate world's loss, Tribe Katalyst's gain!!