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I mentioned in my last post that my latest iphone-related addiction is instagr.am.  It's quite a nifty way to make phone snaps look pretty and then share them with friends.  You can follow others' photos via the app or post your own on facebook, twitter and other sites.  I like using it for my own snaps, but have also loved the daily feed of lovely pics from others.

If you follow Simply Phoebe on twitter or facebook you've probably seen a few of my snaps, so forgive me for the double up, however I thought I would kill a few birds with one stone and post a few snaps here...

Finders Keepers
I got quite snap happy at Finders Keepers, sharing a few of my favourite items from other stands and showing off in general.  Below, top to bottom, left to right, are some snaps of: my little bro on stage as part of the music line up (read more about him here); polka dot brooch by Madz Has Runaway, who I've been a big fan of for ages (gorgeous work and an utterly lovely gal to boot); stunningly sweet yet bold ceramics by my stall neighbour, Sharon Muir; fun handprinted, handmade bags by Mrs Morris, and a chair she covered in her fabric (I WANT ONE). Hmmm, looking at these snaps all together, do you think it's clear I'm a bit of a polka dot fan?

Work in progress

After a bit of a spell catching up on other work and life in general, this week it was back to the sewing machine to get cracking on new pieces for existing and new stockists and the Gaffa pop up shop at The Rocks.  Here's a few snaps of some new one-off pieces that will be making their way to the harbour city.

Hanging at home... 
While photographing the pieces above, I couldn't help snapping a few details around the house and playing with the different instagram filters.  Yes, more polka dots.  


Out and about...
One of the really fun things about this new addiction is that it's made me take a little more notice of my surroundings and make an effort to capture little things I love about my grand ol' life in Melbourne.  In the last week or so, this has included: Sushi Monger, a Japanese hole-in-the-wall that doles out the best and cheapest sushi in Melbourne's CBD; helping a friend on a rental house hunt expedition (my secret guilty pleasure - I know you're not supposed to like it but I love it); breakfast at Roller Door in West Melbourne where Mr D had the sardines pictured while I had the coconut porridge (which is really a healthier sounding name for rice pudding for breakfast - ummm YES PLEASE); North Melbourne neighbourhood details and finally snakes and ladders with the nephew who, by the way, beat us all twice without us actually trying to let him.  

Final observation... 
There does appear to be some sort of prerequisite on instagram that you must have a pet and post pictures of them regularly.  I only too happily oblige, being a crazy cat lady and all.

Simply yours,

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