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As you may have heard, Melbourne is a little chilly this week.  I've been house-bound for a couple of days due to a foot injury, which has been frustrating, but the plus side has been not having to brave the elements! I'm not immune to it though.  Even though our house has excellent heating,  you can still can feel it coming through the external walls and my little kitty cat has been permanently attached to my lap trying to suck up as much warmth as possible.

With this big chill setting in so early in the season, I'm determined to be better prepared in rugging about against the Melbourne winter this year, but in style of course!  I thought it would be nice to share a couple of my new discoveries of seriously snuggly, but also stylish, handmade creations and their makers.

Mrs Dalloway Winter Woollies Emporium
Photo from the Mrs Dalloway blog

First things first, I would not have made these discoveries were it not for Mrs Dalloway and her Winter Woollies Emporium, a pop up shop of handmade winter goodness which opened its doors in a cute little space in Richmond over the weekend.  I was devastated when, soon after discovering it via the Design Files, I realised I was going to be interstate.  Luckily, the good ol' internet allowed me to indulge in a little online browsing with the makers of the products that most caught my eye...

White Noise Maker

A good pair of slippers are one of my must-haves for winter, however most slippers are totally daggy.  I used to tell myself that was half the appeal... until I discovered White Noise Maker's crocheted slippers, or house shoes.  These gorgeous creations are the work of Jina, a graduate architect who took up crocheting while on maternity leave.  

After perusing all the gorgeous colours and styles (and their VERY reasonable prices), I was pretty hooked ('scuse the crochet pun there), but couldn't quite find the right pair for me.  So I got in touch with Jina to see if she was open to custom orders.  Not only was she up for it, but she had them ready and sent within days.  Even more impressive - puts me to absolute shame!  Here's a couple of snaps of what will be snuggling my feet very soon...

Photo courtesy of White Noise Maker

Photo courtesy of White Noise Maker

The White Noise Maker range also features crocheted brooches and other jewellery.  I snapped up a custom brooch too, but I can't share snaps of that one because it's a present and I don't want to risk that the recipient will see it!  For more crocheted slipper and jewellery goodness, check out the White Noise Maker Etsy Shop and blog.


Photo courtesy of the Ozetta Etsy Shop

I love a good scarf.  The chunkier the better.  Ozetta's handmade knits not only come in a range or really interesting styles, but with most pieces you can specify your colour out of a range of up to 52 different colours!  I'm still a bit obsessed with yellows in the mustardy, citrony, chartreusey realm, so the "Montana" style in Citron, pictured above, is the one for me.  I also love the look of her slouchy beanie, pictured below, which I think will look nice in a slightly darker grey.  

Photo courtesy of the Ozetta Etsy Shop

 Photo courtesy of the Ozetta Etsy Shop

Given the affinity I felt with Ozetta's designs, I shouldn't have been surprised to also discover she makes knitted neckpieces, as pictured above.  Isn't her stuff lovely, don't you just want to wrap yourself up in it all?  Check out more of designs and colours on the Ozetta Handmade Knits Etsy Shop. Outside of winter months, it seems she keeps herself busy with For you, Ila, a range of hand dyed accessories and she also has a lovely blog which you can follow.

OK, enough time on the 'puter.  I need to get back to the sewing machine!  You may have noticed I haven't posted any new snaps of Simply Phoebe work for a while and my own Etsy shop is looking a little bare!  I've been a little side-tracked with some other commitments lately, but there are some new pieces on the way, I promise!

Simply yours,

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White Noise Maker said...

Wow, I'm flattered to be featured on your blog in such a depth. Thank you very much!