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A couple of years ago, I heard through the grapevine that an old school friend of mine was doing psychic and medium readings.  Now, before you go scoffing, or judging and running through all the generalisations and preconceptions most would hold about psychics, let me stop you.  Helen was the LAST person I would ever have expected to end up on such a path.  Despite always being open to the idea of it, like most people when I thought of a psychic, images of new age, hippy-dippy, spacey types came to mind.  Helen was and is anything but.  I've got plenty of friends who are a little quirky or wacky, but Helen has never fitted into that category.  She's well... pretty normal (in an extraordinary kind of way). For this reason I think she sums it up perfectly by calling herself a "modern psychic".

These days, in addition to doing readings, Helen also provides personalised mentoring and coaching, and blogs about living intuitively under her expanded business The Little Sage.  

Which brings me to the reason for the reason for this post (other than giving Helen a big spruik!).  Recently, I was very honoured to be featured on The Little Sage as part of a new series of posts about people who are following their passion.  

Simply Phoebe on The Little Sage.  Click here for the full profile.

I think this concept of intuition is what has really struck a chord with me.  In her own profile on the site, you can read how Helen realised she had to follow her intuition to get where she is today.

For the record, I've had a couple of readings with Helen.  While she's provided some amazingly spot on insights and messages, what has resonated with me most is that the best advice I can get is from myself - to follow my gut and intuition.  Easy to say but for some reason not always as easy to put into practice!

Whether you're already open to to the ideal of it all or not, go on and pop over to The Little Sage and have a little look around.  If you're interested, book in a reading.  Go on... you know you want to.

Simply yours,

PS: I realised after posting this that what I wrote about the idea of intuition resonating with me most probably doesn't give full credit to Helen's work.  In addition to my own experience, several friends and family members (even a couple of skeptics) have had readings where Helen has really blown them away.  At the risk if sounding a little new-age and hippy dippy myself, I really do think she has a special gift and I recommend it to anyone looking for a little guidance, or even if you're just a little curious! 

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