Simply spotted... Green Chic street style

I admit it, I totally get a kick out of seeing someone wearing one of my pieces, even if it's a friend or relative, but extra-specially when it's a stranger in the street.  

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing someone sporting a Simply Phoebe piece without having to leave my little Easter holiday ocean hideaway.  Carrie, aka Green Chic, was featured in a street style post on the Melbourne fashion blog, Wardrobe Wonderland, wearing a special one-off piece I created for her last year.  

Carrie isn't a stranger.  She is a regular visitor when I do markets about town and has been a wonderful supporter and spruiker.  I knew she was passionate about sustainability, but I had no idea just how many fabulous initiatives she was involved in until I saw this profile.  Given her passion and involvement in the world of sustainability, it was only fitting that Carrie was featured on Wardrobe Wonderland, due to the mutual interest held by author Lara MacPherson's in ethical and sustainable fashion.  

It was utterly humbling to not only see Simply Phoebe mentioned by Carrie as one of her favourite designers, but also read her lovely words on why: 

"I just adore her neckwears and love the response I get from people (both girls and guys) when I wear her pieces.  Also love telling the story on how they are made from reclaimed and recycled materials!"

Read more about Carrie's style here.

So, what is the story behind the piece Carrie is wearing...?
This piece was created using fabric remnants from a friend of mine who had her own fashion label in Sydney, making dresses and skirts inspired by 60s and Scandavian style design.  A couple of years ago, she upped sticks to move to Canada with her husband, and I got first dibs on her fabric remnants.  The patterned black, white and grey fabric was one of these finds.  I made a few pieces pairing this fabric with black, but for Carrie I did a special one-off pairing it with a grey fabric I picked up in a fabric remnants shop in Sydney.

Both Carrie and Lara's blogs are well worth reading and following for their knowledge, advice, musings and ideas on how you can be stylish yet also ethical and sustainable.  

Simply yours,


Doreen said...

Hi Phoebe...Wore the Camille necklace shan bought me today. I reckon I've had at least six admirers of it..so have referred them to your blog and etsy shop...Any markets up this way in the near future? Did you notice she is wearing one of your creations in the photo on her blog.

Simply Phoebe said...

That's so great to hear Doreen. Thanks for giving me a big plug. I love hearing that people get compliments when wearing my pieces. I did spot Shan was wearing one of my pieces in her pic and was really chuffed. I am so lucky to have so many gorgeous models out there!