Simply sharing... new discoveries and old favourites (pt 1)

Installation at Finders Keepers by the Paper Convention Collective.  Photo by Sean Fennessy via Finders Keepers.

I last updated you at the end of day one at Finders Keepers, hoping I'd get more of a chance to wander around on day two to check out other stalls.  Alas, it was not to be.  It's not that I didn't have wonderful helpers (thank you again Katie Cardigan and Mr D!), but when they were around it was pretty non-stop with people dropping by.  So I only really got a chance to properly check out stalls within my immediate vicinity, which in a way was probably best for my bank balance, as I still managed to make a few purchases!  Probably also best for your eyeballs, since I've realised halfway through writing this that I still have plenty to cover and that it is probably best for everyone to do it over two parts!

So here's part one of my round up of the new discoveries and old favourites that I did manage to check out and in some cases make a little purchase:

brkich & jen hall designs

Jen of jen hall designs and Belinda of brkich. Photo by Sean Fennessy via Finders Keepers.

When I arrived to set up on the Friday, I was very pleased to spy this stall across the corridor from me.  Two of my favourite recent discoveries on one stall together, with great gals behind them to boot!

I first discovered brkich's stunning range of short run clothing and accessories last year and I've been eyeing off/ lusting after a top and a brooch (at bottom of pic below) for a while.  I didn't get to make a purchase on the weekend, but the label is now conveniently stocked in store at Kids in Berlin, a great little shop just around the corner from me which stocks and supports independant Australian design, so I'm sure it won't be far off.

Kids in Berlin also played a role in me falling for the work of jen hall designs. I spied the photographic wooden jewellery pieces in store there late last year, and I'm fairly sure I've also seen Jen around the traps at a couple of markets and possibly read about her work around the interwebz. At Finders Keepers, I was immediately taken with her new pieces featuring hand drawn patterns and snapped up a circle brooch, as pictured in the top middle of the pic below.

jen hall designs (top) and brkich brooches (bottom). Photo via brkich blog.

Able & Game
Able & Game cards and tea towel. Image via Handmade Love blog - check it out if you aren't already a big fan.

I don't know when or how I discovered Able & Game.  Quite possibly through Finders Keepers in Sydney.  What I do know is that I am a massive fan of their work and their sense of humour.  I love their city-centric range, but I think this card is my favourite.  I have a copy of it, and hope never to have an appropriate opportunity to give it to someone.  Click on that last link and you'll understand why.  

It says a lot that the last birthday cards Mr D and I bought for each other were both from Able and Game.  Anna, one half of the creative duo behind the stationery label, has also recently coined my favourite new term "husboyfriend".  

Fold Studio
These guys were a couple of stalls down from me.  They are a collective of young furniture, object, lighting designers. Not only do they create great looking products (I've got my eye on a necklace and a lampshade), but they place an emphasis on good environmental work practices, which gets a big thumbs up from me.  They told me their necklaces are made so they don't produce any waste.  Clever cookies.


That's it for part one.  More to come shortly, including some more stunning photos from around the market by Sean Fennessy.  Hopefully this will be tomorrow, but first I have to finish updating my online shop (all my latest purple pieces are already up).

Simply yours,


Doreen said...

Lovely post Phoebe..I was in Melbourne the weekend before..so missed what looked like a great show. Had so many positive comments when I work my Simply Phoebe creation the other day...Shan has joined the 'blog world' http://philnjackunpicked.blogspot.com
Sure she would you to visit. Have a great Easter.

Simply Phoebe said...

That's Shan is a sly one. I can't believe she tried to slip in unnoticed. I am all over it and subscribed in my blog reader.

I am very jealous of her care package. I wonder if my Mum could send me one, even if it's only from Brisbane to Melbourne...?