Simply discovered... a list lover's dream app

OK.  It's March.  Time to get my act together.  Here in blog-a-logs land, that means a little more frequent updating, and a little less all-out spruiking.

So, in this spirit, I wanted to share my latest online love/ discovery.  Given I read about it in the Say 100, I am well aware that I am pretty late to the party on this one.  So if you are all over it, and see it as sooooo 2010, feel free to move along and drop by later.

I simply LOVE a good list.  It's a skill/ bad habit I picked up from my Mum.  She has been known to write a list of the lists she needs to make.  Seriously.  Anyway, I do love putting real pen to real paper, making little check boxes next to the items etc. It also provides an excellent excuse to continue building my collection of empty notebooks.  However, for a while I have been lamenting the lack of good electronic options. Given my tendency to acquire stationery items in vast quantities, I always seem to have several notebooks on the go, and therefore several lists, but never have the one on me I need.  Enter Teux Deux!

Teux Deux is best summed up a simple, designy, free browser-based to-do app that can also be synced with an iphone (the iphone app does have a small one-off charge to download).

For me, it checks all the boxes*: it's simple, no explanation required here;  designy, YES that is a real word - it's on their website so it must be real - which means you feel good using it; and I can take it everywhere without having to remember/ find one more thing to put in my handbag.

Plus y'know, it's got a frenchie sounding name, and that always makes thing seem cooler.

Simply yours,



tess said...

And Swiss Miss designed it! She's a rad lady!

Simply Phoebe said...

YES! I forgot to add that bit. I only discovered Swiss Miss recently. Man, if only there was someone who would pay me to scour the internet all day.

For anyone else, here's the link to the Swiss Miss blog: http://www.swiss-miss.com/

i like you said...

I'm a big fan of Swiss Miss too. ^_^ And say 100 is great. I only went through the design/fashion/travel sections of say 100. I'll have to go back and take a look at everything. Love the sound of Teux Deux. I just got an iphone today for the first time so I will have to try it. ^_^