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In Good Company exhibition at Object Gallery

Last weekend I ducked up to Sydney to celebrate the birthday of one my nearest and dearest friends (you know who you are).  While I was there, I took the chance to do a flying dash around a couple of the emerald city's contemporary art and design hubs: Object Gallery and Gaffa

Object has always been a bit of favourite haunt of mine, never failing to provide a dose of craft and design goodness.  Given this, you can imagine my delight/ disbelief when I was asked to contribute to their current exhibition, In Good Company.  If you can't imagine it, the draft responses in my head went a little like this: "you mean THE Object Gallery?", "are you sure you meant to send this email to me?" and "Ohw mai gard, I'm not worthy!"  But, somehow, I got it together (just) and instead went with something along the lines of "I'd be delighted, what do you need? PS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."

In Good Company seeks to draw back the curtain and show you what happens behind the scenes in the local design world, bringing together the stories of designers, makers, manufacturers and retailers.  The show was curated by the talented and inspirational &Company, the show featured personal stories and insights on the walls, a lustworthy central table setting (as shown in the snap above) made up of some of the wares of featured designers, and a pop up retail space too. 

My involvement came about thanks to the ever-amazing miss Zoe Brand of Gaffa, who is featured in the show herself, as pictured below.

Zoe, who has been an amazing source of support and inspiration for me, also penned my "story" as pictured, accompanied by my business card and swing tag.

I loved the CWA reference, but I must say the "I'm not worthy!" bells were ringing loudly. Particularly since I feel I've been a bit slack in the blog world of late!  The bells became almost deafening as I admired some of the other very-worthy designers featured in the exhibition,  including a few of my own design-world favourites, such as Dinosaur DesignsCloth, Koskela and High Tea With Mrs Woo.  But if nothing else, I'm very glad my own little involvement got me along, because it provided a much needed boost of new motivation and inspiration to get cracking on new work and new plans.

After Object I skipped into the city to finally check out Gaffa in all its glory. The gang relocated from a smaller space in Surry Hills into a gorgeous three-storey heritage listed building in Sydney CBD early last year, just after I made the move to Melbourne, allowing them to expand into three galleries, add studios and a workshop, and a retail shop.  The space also includes The Arcade Project initiative, which is geared towards providing a platform for innovative and intelligent design by emerging and established, independent designers and makers.

Unfortunately, The Arcade Project spaces were in an in-between time when I was there, but I did get a quick squiz around the exhibitions that were up (and have just recently finished.  I particularly loved The Spinning Top, by Shirley Cho, where the artist created a magical array of the classic toy based on designs drawn by family and friends, sent on postcards from around the world. I only had my phone on me for happy snaps, so most of them didn't turn out too well with the light, but here's one from me below, and another courtesy of Gaffa which shows off a couple of the postcard designs and final products.

This image via Gaffa website

All in all, it was a very rushed but very rewarding whirlwind tour.  Another little bonus was getting to see some of my pieces up in the Gaffa store, Sterling. While I may be biased, I do think it's a bit of a treasure trove for special pieces. I couldn't resist coming away with a little something for myself.  I love a good bangle and I am a big fan of design that cleverly uses recycled materials.  So Liesl Hazelton's bangles made from discarded computer cables were right up my alley.  My new bright yellow one has been a feature on my arm pretty much every since.  I don't have a photo as yet, and couldn't easily find one on the web, so will have to share/ show off later.  In the meantime, you can find out a little more about Liesl and see snaps of her earlier work here.

Okay.  Enough gabbing/ gushing/ showing off.  I've got some turning to do on some new purple neckpieces.  Will post some snaps soon.

Simply yours,

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