Simply snaps... of my reshuffled studio

Happy new year!  Hope the festive season has been good to you.  For me, it's been the just right mix of fun, friends, family, food and faffing about!  

Most of the faffing has taken place in my studio/ sewing room.  Unfortunately this didn't involve making all those summer dresses and new fabric neckpieces I had planned, but it has included pottering about planning and reorganising for the year to come.  The main instigator for this was a new piece of storage furniture that I managed to snap up in the Thread Den garage sale following their departure from North Melbourne.  Such a shame they are leaving the 'hood, but at least this was a silver lining for me.  

In its previous life at Thread Den

I'd admired this nifty unit in their sewing class room before.  Turns out the clever ladies designed and built the 50s style unit themselves.  Could they make the rest of us feel any more inadequate?! 

I got it home yesterday, relieved to find it did fit into the space I had planned (I don't always trust myself when measuring and numbers are involved), and have since been plugging away getting it all set up and sprucing up the rest of the room in the process.  

 Obligatory "before" shot

Taaa daaa!

 I think this is the cleanest my work bench has looked since I moved in.

What do you think of my impromptu wall "installation"? A few years ago I went to a warehouse sale for a kids clothing and homewares brand with a friend who has kids.  While there I spied a box of wooden letters.  While fossicking through them looking for the right combos for various names and words, one of the staff told me I could take the lot for $10.  I did, with grand plans for all sorts of projects, none of which have since eventuated.  As I moved things around today I came across them and was determined to do SOMETHING with them... so voila.  Indulge me, let's call it art.

I also did one other little bit of wall new decorating that I am actually quite chuffed with.  I received a set of gorgeous polka dot lanterns for Christmas from a relative.  We strung them up on the deck for year's eve party we held, but I didn't want to leave them outdoors, so I've repurposed them as a little wall light that I think kinda looks like a bunch of floating balloons...

So now comes the hard bit... getting back to doing some actual work in there!

Simply yours,

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Tess said...

Oh my, you're so lucky to get that wall unit! And look at your little sewing machine! Everything is better with rounded corners... :)