Simply wishing... you a merry christmas

I don't know if it's growing older, not having to travel somewhere for Christmas for the first time in years, reflecting on a pretty great year, or a combination of the lot, but I am feeling particularly partial to the festive season this year.

I've been enjoying it so much that I even neglected to share/ spruik my involvement in the Christmas show at  Gaffa in Sydney. My contribution was the piece in the snap above and below.  It's a slightly new style of fabric neckpiece, combining the style of my usual/ current range, with a new design I have been playing with for a while and shared some snaps of before. The fabric used includes a gorgeous vintage fabric I picked up recently.  The show finished yesterday, and Gaffa closes for a little break today, but I also have some new pieces in their shop, Sterling, including one or two using the same vintage fabric.  Sterling will reopen on 11th January, or for those in other cities who fancy the look of it, I still have a little of the fabric left and will be making up some new pieces to upload on Etsy soon (I know, I know... I've been saying I will re-stock Etsy for a while, but this break means it will actually happen this time!).

But back onto more important matters-of-the-festive-moment... Much of my time over the past week has been spent finishing sourcing the perfect gifts, and even more importantly, wrapping them.  As my lovely friend Miss Samantha put it herself "I love a good gift wrap".  Oh I do.  I know some people think it's a waste given how quickly it all comes off, but for me, it's all about the aesthetics.  Have you seen/ heard about the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine?  Created by creative/ crafter/ blogger extraordinaire, Ebony from the Hello Sandwich blog, it's not surprisingly pretty gorgeous and amazing, with some really great ideas.  I haven't actually purchased one yet, but I think it's a worthwhile investment for a wrapper-lover like me.

In the meantime, I decided to make the most of my bags and bags of fabric-neckpiece tube offcuts and some other fabric bits and bobs as my wrapping accessories, combined with good ol' brown paper and gift tags from Able and Game, Teahouse Handmade (aka Tess, recent stall buddy at North Melbourne Market and maker of the most gorgeous embroidered fabric brooches who I have been meaning to blog about for weeks!), Arthur's Circus, and some gorgeous little hand drawn ones that I purchased at Kids in Berlin - a local independent design shop (stupidly didn't keep or note the details of the artist who made them though).  I am really chuffed with the results and so I took a few snaps to share... 

So, merry christmas to y'all.  I won't make any promises about whether I will or won't post over the next couple of weeks.  Knowing me, it could go either way.

Simply yours,

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