Simply snaps... from Fair@Square

I'm just back from braving another Melbourne downpour to check out the Fair@Square Festival being held at Federation Square this weekend, organised by Moral Fairground.  As you may have read on my last post, a couple of my handmade neckpieces were being featured in the Fair Fashion Show yesterday and today.

Unfortunately, despite getting there early to have a look around at the whole festival, a heavy bout of rain cut my exploring short, but there were some really interesting organisations involved.  I've found sometimes these kind of events can easily fall into the trap of seeming a little hippy and new-ageish, but this one did seem much more appealing and accessible to a mainstream audience.

Despite some heavy rain beforehand, the skies cleared just in time and a decent little crowd gathered to check out the show, mc'd Lady Melbourne, which featured sustainable, fair-trade, ethical clothing and upcycled fashion.  You can find out more, including a list of all the designers involved, here.

I managed to click a few of my own happy snaps of the outfits which featured Simply Phoebe pieces, above and below. Unfortunately, juggling the umbrella, camera and handbag didn't leave me equipped to note down the details of the other designers whose work is featured in these outfits, but I will find out and update this post to include the details later.  There were some amazing pieces on show throughout the parade.  There was an official photographer snapping away, so hopefully I will be able to access those snaps soon and do some justice to sharing some of my favourite pieces by other designers.

Well done to Moral Fairground and special thanks to Fourth Daughter from Style Wilderness for getting me involved.

Simply yours,

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