Simply pooped... but very pleased

Phew!  What a weekend. I really don't do things by halves.  Most people taking part in one of their biggest markets for the year so far, at Finders Keepers' first Melbourne event, might take it easy and decline other invitations, but with some of my best friends in town at once, together for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, I also managed to fit in a couple of lovely dinners and a gig. Thankfully, the market went pretty well, so I rode along on the high of decent sales, great feedback and the inspiration of meeting lots of amazingly talented designers and makers to make it through in one piece.  

I am still in recovery mode, which will be limited with quite a few more markets in store before the end of the year and lots of sewing to do for them, so here's a few quick snaps from my stall over the last couple of days. I also promise not to be a total narcissist and post soon about my highlights from the wares of other stalls I got to check out over the weekend.

Big shout outs of thanks to my lovely stall-helpers, particularly Georgia and Katie, and also Steen and Lauren and others who popped in for a visit.  Apart from the loo and food breaks, having a friendly face always helps you stay sane on the market circuit!  Big thanks too to Mr D who put up with a slightly crazier than usual Phoebe in the lead up and remained a beacon of calm throughout.

Oh, before I go, a quick mention of the gig: It was the Boredoms at the Forum for Melbourne Festival.  I will admit I had no idea about this band going into it and was just tagging along with friends who were in town for it, but I came away converted.  It was an AMAAAAAZING live experience, even if I did have to leave early to ensure I wasn't a total zombie for day 2 of FK.  If you don't know them, I highly recommend checking them out if the chance arises.  Or search on You Tube, I am sure there will be some great clips around.

Simply yours,


Carrie said...

Hi Phoebe! I met you on Sunday at Finders Keepers. I sooo wanted to buy a short piece from but couldn't find the right color I wanted. Seeing your photos, I think by gosh they must have been popular on Saturday! Hope you have some bright colors at the North Melbourne market! Can't wait! Still thinking about the yellow one tho...!

yardage girl said...

Hi Phoebe - thanks for being such a lovely market neighbour and taking some pics of my stall! I have just posted all about Finders Keepers over at my blog too. Enjoy your week of recovery! Nic x

Simply Phoebe said...

Thanks Carrie. I will be sewing away like a madwoman for North Melbourne and make sure there's a few nice bright short ones for you to check out!

Nic - no rest for the wicked! Am back at the sewing machine today.