Simply loving... my new home

OK, if you've read the title of this post, I should clarify right up front that while, technically these snaps show off  my new home (and when I say new, I mean as in so new I don't even have a key, but have paid the deposit and am so excited I want to tell strangers in the street about it), I can't really claim it as my home based on these images.  

While the shell of the house itself (inside and out) is pretty gorgeous, the really stunning features in these snaps are all in the detail of the decor, which well and truly belongs to its former occupants... aka my new landlords!  They are the couple behind the former-real-shop, now-online-shop called Arthur's Circus.  In their words, Arthur's Circus "specialises in quirky vintage finds and quality new artworks and products with a nod to our own childhood nostalgia". I think you'd agree that this same description pretty much sums up their interior design style too.  

Kitchen/ meals area (table and cabinet are staying!)

I remember seeing the shop in our 'hood when we used to visit friends around here previously.  I never got the opportunity to actually visit it before they recently closed the bricks-and-mortar store, but luckily all is not lost, for they are still selling their wares online via the website I heartily recommend you check it out.  

Main bathroom

When I went to inspect the house and realised it belonged to the same people as the shop, it suddenly rang a very loud interior-design-media-junkie-bell in my head.  So after running/ skipping home to apply for this dream rental IMMEDIATELY, I engaged in some cyber-stalking, err I mean, research, and lo and behold there was a wealth of eye-candy to make me fall even more in love with the place.  

I'm talking serious design-media-kudos here, including blog posts on The Design Files  and Apartment Therapy.  As if that wasn't enough, this place has graced the pages of some pretty impressive print titles like Inside Out magazine, Frankie, Marie Claire, Cookie Magazine and more... check out scans of these and more in this Flickr set

Hallway... love love LOVE the clocks

Wow wow wow wow wow wooooooowwwwwww.  That was pretty much all that came out of my mouth for a few hours as I discovered more and more.  I am still a little in awe and nervous about doing justice to this place.  Luckily, we have a head start because these lovely, stylish people have ever-so kindly left some of the best pieces of furniture in the home there for us to use!  How amaaaaaazing is that?!  OK, now I am gushing.

If you aren't sick of it yet, there are even more photos on Arthur's Circus "Our House" set on Flickr.  I should mention here that one of the owners, Natalie, is a photographer, so I am pretty sure the photos in on Flickr and even Apartment Therapy are all hers.  You can check out more of her photography here.* 

Gushing aside, one of the best things about having this treasure trove of info and images is being able to know the story around our new home.  How else would I know cool little details like the fact that the deck area was made using recycled wood from a former football stadium, or that the tiling in the kitchen and living areas was inspired by Toy Story (!), OR that the taps I admired in the bathroom are from a supplier for hospitals and science labs!

OK! Enough gushing/ showing off.  The downside of this great news is that the next few weeks are going to be extra-extra busy!  I already had to get moving to catch up after holidays (including getting back into blog-life here) but now there is a move thrown in amongst it.  Lucky it's such a great place huh?  I might need to revisit this post to remind myself that a few times during the whole process!

Simply yours,

*P.S. I would normally get someone's approval before using their images, however given we only just got the nod on the house I think I really should maintain a little tenant/ landlord distance and not make any direct contact until we are at least moved in, don't you? But I have already started composing a little note in my head thanking them for sharing their beautiful home and furniture and making sure it's ok to use these images here, which I will send once we are in and it is all completely official... and they can't change their minds about letting us live there ;)  If somehow by the magic of the interwebs you are reading this before I have been in touch, THANK YOU for sharing your lovely home with us!

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