Simply new... snaps and pieces

I've been wanting to freshen up my photos and have a go at using my Noel Miller art mannequins for a while now.  With a decent pile of new pieces ready for markets, my couple of stockists and Etsy, I decided now was the time.  

The girls needed a little bit of a makeover, after being thrown around in the trek to and from markets. Through the magic of paint and textas, they now have the equivalent of a hair-dye job, fresh eyeliner and lipstick, and a dryclean.  

In the absence of great photography skills, professional set tools and any real knowledge, I worked out a slightly clunky but I-still-think-successful backdrop.  Take white fabric, add an easel, table and a few pin-tacs and I had a nice little set up.  Next up I am going to hunt around for some tips for "do-it-yourself" product photography, or maybe I should just aim high and say the next goal is real professional shots!

Uploading them here, I've realised I need to work on the editing to make them more consistent, but overall I am pretty happy.  What do you think?  

My cat Camille (featured in the snap above) was certainly impressed (although anything that involves fabic to curl up on and red string-like objects is usually a hit).  I've spoken before about becoming a crazy cat lady.  This week I took it to new levels with the discovery of two cat-focused blogs: The Catorialist (a piss-take on The Sartorialist) and Dream Cats.  I don't know what's happened to me, but I am embracing my inner cat lady.  However, if I start knitting vests with cats on them, please help stage an intervention of some kind. 

But I digress... here's a few more of the new-style snaps.  There's a few of new pieces, which will be going up on Etsy very soon, and a few old favourites too.  Hope you like them.

Simply yours,

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Sarah said...

Love love love. Can't wait to buy up soon!