Simply stylin... likkle girl style

Two posts from happy customers in a row... I'm a bit spoilt here.  This time it's the lovely Likkle Girl!  You may have already seen these photos if you follow her blog yourself.

She commissioned a piece after seeing some of my earlier pieces using neutral colours a while back when I was .  Amidst the madness before, during and after the move to Melbourne, I was very slack in making a special piece for her.  But, as she said herself, it worked out for the best because after she saw the pieces I made for the exhibition at Gaffa she made some slight changes to her brief, throwing in some suggestions for other neutral-friendly shades like camel and a mix of textures.

While I am not a neutral lover myself (the colours don't do much for pale pinkish skin hues like mine), I was really happy with the finished result, especially when I see it on its stylish new owner. 

The Likkle Girl is currently in the process of moving house, and I love how she can even make packing boxes work for her!

Simply yours,

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