Simply snaps... Precious Materials pieces

Textured Metal Polka Mix Neckpiece

The Precious Materials group exhibition I was part of at Gaffa finished last week, and I have two bits of related good news:

  1. Three of my pieces were sold, including one (pictured above) to the person who runs Gaffa - what an honour!  I've also had another custom order for a similar piece.
  2. The others are going into the Gaffa retail shop and I've been asked to send some more to go with them.
I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment, just have to step up my production to build up my stock so I can keep up.  

Here's some snaps of the other pieces from the exhibition.

Textured Polka - small

Textured Polka - medium

Textured Polka - medium

Textured Metal - small

Textured Polka - large, doubled

Textured Polka - large, doubled & twisted

Simply yours,

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Sam said...

Gosh! These are lovely!