Simply loving... art deco shopfronts


I've unwell and laid up on the couch for a few days this week.  Apart from lots of sleep and a few DVDs, I found one other little remedy to help me get through via this post on Design*Sponge: The New York Public Library Digital Gallery.  Like Grace from Design*Sponge, I loved the art deco patterns and prints, but my favourite find so far is definitely images from a book called "Boutiques et magasins" (translation: Shops and Stores), featuring external and internal photos and illustrations of shops and other public architecture in the art deco era.  From what I can tell they are mostly taken in Berlin and Paris and include some Exposition stands and pavillions.  

As noted in a previous post of mine, I love a good shop front, and I am obsessed with art deco design, so this is the ultimate find for me.  I really wish more of these original shopfronts were around, and maintained in all their glory, inside and out.

Hope you enjoy the images and maybe discover some treasures for yourself on this amazing visual resource.

Simply yours,

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