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WOW.  I forgot how much I hate moving.  For those that don't know, I have moved to Melbourne.  Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E Melbourne.  Just not so much the process of getting and settling here.  Bug bear number 1: it is taking 20 DAYS for our internet to be connected... deep breaths. 

So even though I now have more time to be focusing back on the world of Simply Phoebe, it's not so easy to tell you all about it... whatever did we do before the internet?

For example, I have some creations in an exhibition opening in Sydney tonight at Gaffa, a contemporary art, design and object gallery in Sydney CBD!  Personally, I think this is pretty exciting, and would normally have been the subject of multiple updates, so you are probably lucky in some ways to avoid the overkill in communication.  In this spirit of keeping it simple, here's the details:

WHAT: "Precious Materials
WHERE:  Gaffa "Keeper Gallery", 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD (Next to Town Hall Station). Map.
OPENING: Tonight!  6-8pm.  All welcome!
DATES: 25th March - 6th April

The show is being curated by the very lovely and ultra talented Zoe Brand (check out her blog here) and also features the following artists:

Erin Field
Rae Harvey
Ping Tay 
Joao Vaz
Bea Chew
Frejj (Jayne and Julia Flanagan)
Sharon Margaret

From what I know of the artists participating, there should be some gorgeous pieces on show.  Best of all, they are all wearable and could be yours to own!

If you're in Sydney, I hope  you can make it along while it's one. I am so disappointed that I can't be there for the opening myself, but am hoping to sneak in a cheeky visit while it's on. For those out of town, I'll be sharing some snaps soon.

Simply yours,

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