Simply snap...

A friend just texted me to tell me she had received the Country Road catalogue and there was a couple of fabric necklaces that looked a lot like my Simply Camille creations.  I jumped online straight away to see if anything was up on their website, and sure enough...

I've been mulling over it all afternoon and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  

I know I'm not the only one making fabric necklaces and so it's unlikely that Country Road are copying me directly.  When I first started playing with my fabric necklace ideas, I discovered Necklush in the US, who do big chunky scarf-like pieces, fashioned from t-shirt type material that is just cut and then rolled/ curled.  Since then I have also come across a couple of other local designers working with strands rolled fabric, often using recycled t-shirts.  Late last year someone even pointed out Supre where doing something similar, but theirs had metal studs attached (how very Supre).  From what I can tell from the snaps on their website alone, Country Road's designs are done in a similar way to these others I have seen, with rolled as opposed to sewn material too.

I do have to admit it is a little disappointing when something very similar to what you've been creating with your own hands appears mass-produced on the shelves of a national chain store. But, on a positive note:

  • I could interpret it as proving I am onto a good thing. 
  • More people might "get it" when they see mine - which was sometimes a problem when I did markets like The Rocks which attract a pretty broad and generally very mainstream crowd.
  • I am biased, but I think mine are much more interesting and versatile.
  • They are charging almost $80 for less interesting, mass produced pieces.
  • It's a good reminder to get stuck into evolving my pieces and creating new designs to stay a step ahead!

On that last note, I should get making!

Simply yours,


Anonymous said...

Take it as a compliment at how cutting edge you are Phoebe... i always get comments about how lovely mine is :) Carrie.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carrie. Take it as a compliment!
Besides, everyone knows its the original thats worth having-not an over priced imitation ;)

Keep up the good work hun, i cant wait to see what you come up with next!


Anonymous said...

more copy cats - In the Armani martin place window I spotted another neck piece that's suspiciously similar to yours

you can have a look here: