Simply scrapbooking...

I've started a little side blog using Tumblr to act as a more of an online visual diary.  I wanted to share more of what I find inspiring with those who are interested, in a simple, highly visual way. But I didn't want this main site to become too clogged up with un-original content.  So, the idea is that this blog (as in the one you are reading right now) will focus on my work, news and major inspirations, while the Simply Phoebe Scrapbook will capture what's bubbling away beneath... i.e. the pretty pictures.  

The snap above is one such pretty picture, capturing the work of David Bazzerla that I discovered via the Kingdom of Style blog.  Looks like he might be using polystyrene balls too - like my Simply Sia work-in-progress pieces.  It's funny how often it seems that you start getting into something then seeing it everywhere!  Anyway, I simply love the look of these pieces. Big and bold yet with a nod to classic.

Simply yours,

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