Simply exploring... Sydney to Melbourne

Happy 2010.  I've got lots of little updates on my creations and the markets, but I thought I would ease my way into things by sharing a few highlights of the lovely little break I just took in (and on the way to and from) one of my favourite cities in the world, Melbourne.   Unfortunately I forgot to take my good camera with me, so please excuse the iphone pics, including the one above.  I'd never seen a lyrebird wildlife warning sign before, and thought it was beautiful - hopefully symbolic too of my year ahead.

I've spent a fair bit of time in Melbourne over the past few years but rather than the usual fly-in, run around, fly-out approach, this time was especially enjoyable because we made a road trip out of it, taking the coastal route on the way down and meandering off the highway and through the Snowy Mountains on the way home.

Mallacoota inlet (image via Travel Victoria)

The highlight of the trip down was our stopover for one night in Mallacoota, Victoria, a gorgeous spot just over the border from NSW on the south coast.  We happened by chance on a place to stay called Adobe Mudbrick Holiday Flats  in a stunning spot looking out over the Mallacoota Inlet.  It turned out there was only one room free at a very reasonable rate, and only because of a cancellation not long before - so it seemed it was meant to be!  

For the price quoted we expected a one room motel-style room and instead found ourselves in a two bedroom, fully equipped apartment with (nice and friendly) wildlife at the doorstep of the gorgeous handbuilt mudbrick apartments.

The view from our balcony at Mallacoota

The hosts Peter (who built the place himself) and Margaret Kurz were so lovely and gave us a great tip for handmade noodles and dumplings in town at Lucy's Noodles.  We walked to and from town along a lovely walk around the inlet.  You can also hire bikes and boats.  Maybe next time.

The place was rustic, but very clean.  It felt more like we were staying in someone's home than in a motel. There's lots of quirky touches and heaps of character in this place - I only wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it properly.

Some of the mudbrick walls feature built-in coloured glass bottles.  Quirky, but it works.

Little things like pretty feathers placed there and there made me smile.

Our back door.

I've got a few other holiday-hightlights to share, but I think I might help combat the post-holiday blues by spreading them over a few days. I picked up lots of new fabric while I was away and so the sewing machine is calling!

Simply yours,

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The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

What a lovely spot you found! We attempted doing the same Sydney -> Melbourne road trip but the furthest we got was Eden before we ran out of time. We spent too much time in all the cute little towns along the way. Haha.

Looking forward to more holiday posts from you!

Oooh! New fabric! I'm excited for you! xx