Simply spent... but still smiling

First day at The Rocks is complete.  It was a weird start because my stall this week is located in a spot they haven't previously had stalls in before.  Unfortunately, it's a bit out of the way and so we don't get as much foot traffic as the other locations, but on the bright side it's a very cool space! 

It's just inside the entrance to the "Clelland Bond" building, which is on Playfair St (laneway parallel to George St), just up from Lowenbrau and just across from the cafes on Playfair St. The entrance is just near a lady selling hats.

Inside is my stall along with three other great stalls selling mainly fashion and some very cool gumboots!  It's part of the old "Argyle Stores" building, which used to house a sort of permanent market set up years ago.  I remember falling in love with some vintage kimonos there when I was visiting Sydney as a teenager.  It's got original sandstone walls and warehouse pylons which are make for a great backdrop.  Just wish the organisers had thought ahead and organised better signage to get people in.

However, despite the out-of-the-way location and the fact that everyone said it was a quiet day in general, I made some good sales and met some great people.

Here are a couple of snaps taken on my phone.  We took some much better shots on the proper camera, which I will upload in the next few days.  For now, however, I am going to get some rest to prepare for hopefully an even bigger day tomorrow (fingers crossed, touch wood etc).

Simply Phoebe stall set up

Enter here!

Polka dot gumboots at the Australian Fashion Exchange stall

Stripes too!

Gorgeous simple locally designed and made fashion by Tsu Jong

Close up of Tsu Jong top

Lovely party maxi dress from my other neigbour - Deception

Top by Deception - she handmakes everything herself - puts my sewing skills to shame!

I'm selling gift cards and very affordable limited edition prints of my Dad's charcoals too.  
Great Christmas present idea!

Close up of Simply Phoebe stall

Simply yours,

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