Simply spruiking... Balmain Art & Craft Show

Just a quick note to let you know that tonight I dropped off my remaining stock (after happily being depleted at Finders Keepers) to the Balmain Art and Craft Show, being held over this weekend on Eaton St in Balmain.

I always forget how much I like Balmain. Despite living just over the way I haven't explored it enough. I'm hoping to rectify that over the weekend. I might even swing a delicious middle eastern breakfast at Kazbah this weekend before checking out the full show.

I ended up in this show in a pretty random way, after one of the organisers (Alison) spotted me wearing one of my creations in the very early days of making them at a nail spa and we got chatting as we waited for our nails to dry under the heaters. I love it when things fall into place in the most unexpected ways.

I'll leave you with a few snaps of some more Simply Camille pieces in the "Purple Deco" colour range, as seen on some of my lovely Finders Keepers customers in my post yesterday. Despite selling very strongly, there are still a couple available at Balmain this weekend.

All images below are of the large size, styled in a variety of ways.

Simply yours,

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