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I've just resurfaced after (kind of) giving myself a couple of days off to recover from the aftermath of doing the Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane this weekend. Life was a little nuts in the lead up as I juggled making new stock for the market, putting on an art exhibition in our home (and the associated cleaning), working a "normal" job, and hanging out with lovely friends I don't get to see enough of, but it was all worth it in the end.

The market was a big success for Simply Phoebe. I sold about 75% of my stock, including selling out of several colour ranges. From what I can tell, it was just as good for other stallholders and in general for Finders Keepers. It's a killer concept (i.e.indpendant artists and designers + music + food + great space) and it was applied with what seemed like total ease by the FK team.

I've come home refreshed and reinvigorated. I could ramble on about how great it was to meet amazing customers and fellow designers, and the new inspiration and ideas I have come away with, but for now I will just share a few snaps taken by my wonderful Mum who helped me out over the two days.

The venue, The Old Museum

It all started with a wooden trestle table...

Calm before the storm in our little verandah oasis.

Verandah view from the lawn where the bands played and the beer flowed!

It wasn't until the end of day 2 that I noticed the sign on the back of the chair. If they have internet in heaven, Hi Fred!

Near the end of the second day, Mum had the idea of taking photos of customers who bought a necklace. As it turned out, they were all wearing the "Purple Deco" colour range. I wish I had done it the whole way through, but there is always next time.

Finally, I was very chuffed to get a visit from young Olivia, the proud owner of an exclusive Simply Phoebe baby dress (exclusive = I make them for friends' little girls). Regardless of the dress, she is so cute I just had to share a photo.

I will be posting more of my snaps on the Simply Phoebe Facebook page very soon. I also recommend checking out some great professional shots of the markets from local Brisbane photographer Mark Lobo (no offence Mum).

Stay tuned for more updates on my Finders Keepers adventures, including tips on the other great designers I discovered or finally met. In the meantime, if you visited me at Finders Keepers but didn't get to buy anything, check out my Etsy store. If you saw anything you liked, but it's not there, simply email me at simplycorrespondence@gmail.com. I'll be adding new items very soon too.

Also, I am getting more adventurous and active with my tweeting, which is not necessarily a good thing for my productivity, but feel free to follow me!

Simply yours,

PS - Big thanks to everyone who went home with their very own Simply Phoebe creation to make simply their own, and to my little army of helpers, including Mum, Greta and Christine for being my stall slaves, Dad for creating my amazing mannequins, Dylan for putting up with an extra special Phoebe in the lead up, Dom for promoting to his 1001 Facebook QAF friends and all other friends and family who spread the word and came along to support me.

PPS - I am in the market for a new overlocker, but don't really know where to start. Any recommendations from those more in the know are very welcome!

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The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Congratulations for selling almost everything!

And Olivia looks soooo cute in the dress that you made her! x