Simply Phoebe... au naturale

I'm back in my hometown for a few days, making the most of some "down time" to catch up properly with family and friends. It's usually such a rush.

While I read today that this year has been one of Sydney's warmest winters in a long time, I still forget how much warmer and stickier it gets up here in the tropics of south-east Queensland (smiley face), even at this time of year. I'm already feeling like my suitcase full of structured blacks will not do at all. I should have dug the summer dresses out before heading north.

I'm dreaming of throwing on simple smocks in lights and brights (although black will never lose its place in my wardrobe), and I'm seeing more potential now in the naturals colourway for my Simply Camille range now. I probably wouldn't have included it were it not for the advice of some wise Queenslanders (thanks Mum and Ros).

A few pics of one of the pieces in my first lot of naturals...

Natural Flecks, medium...

Wild and free. A bit like I'm feeling, in the best possible way.

Doubled up snug, for when the evening breeze reminds you it is still spring.

Smiles for the close up

Rear view

Simply yours,


The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Your Mom and Ros were right.
I love "nudes" because they go with almost everything. x

Simply Phoebe said...

Yes - I realised the potential at Finders Keepers when a girl wearing really bright colours put one on - looked amazing.