Simply street style... Okt-ober-fest

This is Lauren, designer from okt-ber dee. I not only love her label, which includes bags, jewellery and other accessories with a quirky vintage twist, but I also think she has a great personal style. Her outfit is op-shop sourced from head to ankle (shoes are Marco A'alessi), yet I think it looks polished and together in a way that many "vintage" outfits don't always pull off. Apparently someone today told her they had just bought the same top (new)! I rest my case.

It was also nice to discover a fellow hoarder and Cats supporter. I love that design girls talk footy too in Melbourne.

LOVE a structured collar. Note her timber brooch - gorgeous. On her website, Lauren says she would love to make a whole shop of brooches if she thought it would work. I am putting my hand up to be her best customer if it ever happens. I love a good brooch.

The top photo doesn't do the shoes justice. Personally, I think it's a fine line with brogues, but it all works here.

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