Simply spruiking... summer sundresses

I normally relish winter. I can't wait for it to start and hate for it to end. It's not that I love the cold, as much as I love the results of great layering and styling used to combat it.

So it's kind of weird that I spent most of last week in Melbourne feeling somewhat obsessed by summer smocks and sundresses. I was helping my aunt man a trade show stand where she normally shows beautiful hand finished homewares and cashmere fashion from India. This year she added a small summer range inspired by the long hot days on her most recent trip to India, where she is now also living and working for a few months every year. It was a smart move, because it seems a lot of girls are ready for our own Indian summer. The orders flowed thick and fast with buyers and our fellow exhibitors were full of praise too. Here's a couple of snaps of my two favourite pieces...

This one is called Nancy Rose, after my Nan. She's always been a very stylish lady, so it seems fitting that it was the standout piece, quite literally stopping people in their tracks as they passed by.

This was my favourite. It's simple (which is obviously a good thing in my mind), and the hemline is not only interesting to look at but it provides a very flattering cut on all shapes and sizes.

I've put in an order myself to sell these pieces and some more at the markets over summer alongside some of my own fashion and jewellery... to be featured on a Simply Spruiking post soon.


The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I love the Nancy Rose! I have a thing for white dresses and shirts.

Has your aunt got a website where I can view more of her crispy white dresses? x

Simply Phoebe said...

She only sells wholesale, but I am eagerly awaiting a big order of the dresses which I will be selling at the Rocks in the lead up to xmas. Will be sure to let you know.

Anne said...

Hi There!
I love that Nancy Rose dress! do tell us when you have it at the rocks markets, I'll be your first customer.


Anne said...

also is it the rocks moonlight one?!

Simply Phoebe said...

Hi Anne,

I am eagerly awaiting the shipment of the dresses. Not only to sell to others but for myself ;) They are on their way and hopefully arriving in next week or two. I should be starting the markets with my necklaces at least by themselves this week or next. Will post an update as soon as I know.

Simply yours,

Anonymous said...

When you are next visiting your Dad I would love to try on a Nancy Rose - are you in Briz before Christmas. - Julia