Simply Phoebe... in black & white

I am not a runner. Never have been and don't expect I ever really will be. However I am keen to get a little fitter and have taken the recommendation of a friend to try the Couch to 5k Program. It's actually not going too badly, mainly thanks to a handy iphone application.

But I digress, this is not going to turn into an exercise blog (could you imagine anything worse?) the point is that a few days ago I joked that I had "done a hammie" from all the running. However yesterday I realised the fact that only one leg was particularly sore meant it was probably more likely as a result of being flogged in on the overlocker and sewing machine peddle over the last few days. They've certainly had more of a workout than I have. I am really happy with how my fabric necklaces are coming along and thought it was time to start sharing...

Black & White Polka in medium

Black & White Polka close up

Black & White Polka in graduated style

Black & White Stripe in large
(the next three images are other ways the same necklace can be worn)

Black & White Stripe in large, doubled over

Black & White Stripe in large, twisted

Black & White Stripe in large, knotted

At the risk of looking like a crazy cat lady, I should add that I have given these necklaces the style name Camille, after my cat, who is (like most cats I think) obsessed with long string-like materials, particularly if they are red for some reason. She is beside herself with all these tubes of fabric around. We don't indulge her habit anymore after it ended badly once, but this is no place for that story.

Camille watching on

I will post some pics of other colours and styles over the next few days. Once I've got a few more made up I will be setting up an Etsy shop and aiming to sell at markets in Sydney from October.

Now I'm off to do some stretches before hitting the machine (sewing machine that is).

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