Simply loving... speedy deliveries of jewellery goodness

I am so impressed. While I still feel like I have barely unpacked from my trip to Melbourne, today I received two deliveries from fellow exhibitors at the trade show.

Gretchen Hillhouse Design
The first arrival wasn't actually a new purchase, but a repaired one (due to a breakage that was completely my fault). I first spied Gretchen Hillhouse Design at one of the first Life in Style trade shows and have been admiring Gretchen's thoroughly unique jewellery and gorgeous ceramics ever since. I finally made a purchase at the last Finders Keepers markets in Sydney, picking up an Electron necklace (pictured below), made from vintage radio valves. Gretchen informed me she buys the used (blown?) valves from vintage radio enthusiasts in her local area who do up old radios, and are usually very keen to tell her the full story of the radio it came from. The results are worth it. I love that they look kind of futuristic, but at the same time have such history, and Electron is such a cool name.

In my haste to pack for the Melbourne trip, I very carelessly threw the necklace into my bag of jewellery and was later horrified to find one of the valves had cracked when I went to put it on later in the week. Luckily I was in the right place; Gretchen was exhibiting at the same show and so I was able to drop it off to be repaired.

I also adore her porcelain jewellery, including the bangles and brooches pictured above. Being porcelain, I expected them to be heavy, but they are as light as a resin bangle. Her latest range, which features big smooth porcelain shapes and fringing is absolutely stunning. My description doesn't do them justice, but there aren't any photos on her website just yet. Will post again once I have some.

in-sync design
The second parcel was indeed a new purchase: another brooch to add to my small but rapidly growing collection of pieces from in-sync design. It was love at first sight when I first set eyes on their stand at a trade show last year. The range, which is best summed up as graphic design meets contemporary jewellery, is a collaboration between Iris Saar Isaacs and Jane Barwick, who not only design and make stunningly simple and striking jewellery, but they are genuinely lovely people to boot.
After much deliberation over which piece to buy, I selected the above brooch, because...

... the red-orange colour not only matches an in-sync bangle in the style pictured above....
.... but it also looks great next to a white brooch I purchased last year in the style pictured above which, a year on, is still probably my most worn item of jewellery.

Looking at the stockists for both of these great designers only lends weight to my perception that there is a real lack of interesting retail in Sydney. I'd love to play a part in changing that sometime soon.

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The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I love what In-Sync does! Such a simple idea but executed to perfection. I've only got two of their pieces but hope to grow the collection too. x