Simply street style... Mae day

Rebekah is one of three girls behind Mae, a very charming label producing gorgeous modern decor for kids' rooms . I wandered past their stand at the Life in Style trade fair - where I am currently working/ researching/ snooping/ shopping/ generally being inspired - and I was instantly struck by their simple, but unique and very chic wall decals, a couple of which I wouldn't waste on kids, but my own studio space. Rebekah wasn’t on the stand at the time but I’d spotted her around the show and knew I had to get a snap for Simple Street Style! I later stalked her down and was very pleased to make the connection. I am spotting a trend here, after Lauren from okt-ober dee.

Rebekah's dress sense is really cute, but I was most taken with her hair. Unfortunately this photo doesn't do it justice (I underestimated how daunting it would be to take strangers' photos). Stunning colour and beautiful cut. I think she pulls off the edgy angular fringe really well, and love the way she offset it with a soft and feminine look in her dress.

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