Simply starting out...

Simply put, the Simply Phoebe blog is about exploring the things that I simply love: from fashion, design, craft and art, to food, music, movies, tv (good and bad) and more.

Posts will be categorised by:
Simply street style (fashion and style that catches my eye)
Simply inspiring (people, ideas, shapes & anything else)
Simply browsing (shops & other places to part with a dollar or two)
Simple sampling & sipping (my take on food, drinks, restaurants and bars)
Simply sharing (links and news I come across)
Simply spruiking (unashamed plugs)
Simply put (things I just need to say)

Here's the disclaimer... I'm not a professional journalist/ photographer/ fully fledged designer (yet)/ reviewer etc.. I'm just a girl from the world of marketing and PR who recently took the leap of quitting a full time job to follow through on some of my own dreams. At the moment, I am simply taking one step at a time...


The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello Phoebe,
I quit my job to make The Empress Dowager's New Jewels too.

It's hard not being able to buy everything that I see and want without a steady income but the joy of having the time and energy to transform ideas that I've had in my head for ages into tangible things is all worth it. x

Simply Phoebe said...

I agree!