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I recently went to the races in Melbourne where a friend-of-a-friend commented on my outfit (pictured left, but imagine with heels and a black and white headpiece too). For the benefit of our mutual friend, who was present and often comments on the many other other outfits I own from the same label, I jokingly replied that it was by a Brisbane designer I was propping up . This isn't really true. While I do find myself unable to control dropping a hefty amount of cash (or credit) in-store whenever I am in town, I've learnt over time there are plenty of other die-hard Dogstar fans out there doing their bit to support this amazing local designer.

Dogstar is the baby of Masayo Yasuki and a very talented team based in Brisbane. With a focus on cut and quality, they've achieved a cult-like status with women who've fallen in love with their unique but timeless style. If you think this is just a line, spend a little time in one of their stores and listen to us gush. While the ranges vary from season to season, there are certain elements which flow through to ensure we keep coming back. Best of all, you can thrown on a piece years old and still feel fab. I personally love the harder, structured pieces, many of which have multiple styling options that can turn one outfit into many. Masayo's Japanese background shines through in these pieces, with an almost origami feel to the cuts and shapes, and the process of dressing.

Since starting the label in 1998 (reportedly at the Valley Markets), the Dogstar family has grown to include three labels: Dogstar, Laika and Essence, sold in three retail stores in Brisbane (Fortitude Valley, CBD and Southbank), proving good things do come in threes. The labels are also carried by many stockists around the country. As a Brisbane ex-pat now living interstate, a year or two ago I got to know a local stockist in Sydney who was lovely enough to allow me to view his catalogue from Dogstar when he was doing his orders. As special as this was, I soon realised I missed the in-store experience (right down to the smell). So, now I save it as a special treat when I visit home, although I am very excited about the news of their new online shop, if the urge ever arises.

The Dogstar blog recently announced the arrival of their new summer range. Following are a few of my favourite pieces at first glance from Dogstar and Laika. I have recently been more into Dogstar, only because the focus of Laika is on tapping more heavily into the Japanese motifs and prints, which I felt I had enough of in my wardrobe, but there is a subtler direction this season and a few gorgeous pieces for summer. Plus I love the rockabilly geisha styling. Brilliant. Essence is worth checking out for interesting basics, but in the interests of time and space, I've limited my selection to my favourite stand out pieces:



I can't wait for my next visit home...

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